Tongues to Edify

and of different kinds of tongues. 1 Corinthians 12:28

The last of the gifts Paul mentioned in this verse is that of tongues. As discussed in verse 10, the use of tongues in a church setting is to build up and edify the church. If the person using that gift does it to merely puff himself up, then it’s of no use. However, if people in the church are built up, then it has great value. Unfortunately this is one gift that is a source of contention among denominations. Denominations are split over the use (and sometimes abuse) of the gift of tongues.

Would you pray for your fellow Believers on the other side of the denominational aisle, as it were? Since the gift of tongues considered by most as a secondary doctrinal issue (unrelated to Salvation), we should pray for those who think a bit differently from us. The issue shouldn’t divide us, but it does. Anything we can do to eliminate barriers advances the Kingdom of God.

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