9 You rule over the surging sea; when its waves mount up, you still them. Psalm 89:9

We forget that the Lord Almighty is ruler over everything above, everything below, and everything on Earth.

We look out into the vast expanse of the ocean and marvel at what we can see; It’s impossible to know what we cannot see. Billions of wildlife exist throughout the entire ocean eco-cycle. We see shrimp and fish on occasion but not much else. And that’s just one ocean. The God who made it all happen not in one ocean but in all the oceans is still as in control of the planet as He ever was. I look at many of the world’s problems and wonder how it’s all going to play out in the end. We need not worry because He who was with us yesterday will be with us today and tomorrow. He will get all of those problems sorted out in good time.

He can be trusted with our deepest darkest troubles and worries.

He can be trusted.

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