Ultimate Justice

28 For the Lord loves the just
and will not forsake his faithful ones.
Wrongdoers will be completely destroyed;
the offspring of the wicked will perish. Psalm 37:28

It’s not hard to see major injustices in this world. Look no further than the newspapers and the television screens to see the merciless slaughters of Christians in Kenya and Iraq to see gross in justice. The politicians ignore it so as not to upset the already hostile Muslims. Or perhaps they ignore it because they agree with the decision to kill them. Either way, there’s clear injustice.

On the one hand we grieve at their loss but realize that they are in a far better place. On the other hand, we praise God that He will not forsake those who are faithful to Him.

The ultimate injustice in this life is the taking of another before the person passes of natural causes. The ultimate justice will be meted out against those who commit such acts. I can guarantee that the justice God metes out “on that Day” is infinitely more significant than the satisfaction the person got from slaughtering an innocent.

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