“What Is Truth” Revisited

“What is truth?” retorted Pilate. John 18:38a

You can believe that Pontius Pilate was wrestling with this very question even before Jesus came along to remind him of the truth. In a way we all wrestle with it each day. We struggled with it before we came to Christ (because we certainly wouldn’t want to believe falsehoods), and we struggle with it daily in the situations we find ourselves in.

  • The ads we see
  • The sales people we encounter
  • The homeless man begging for money
  • The business man proposing something across the table from us
  • The preacher we hear in the pulpit
  • The stories we hear from friends
  • The excuses our loved ones give us

The list goes on and on as to whether we should believe what we see and hear. We make these kind of “what is truth” calls dozens of times each day. Sometimes those judgements are made in a matter of milliseconds. Often, though, most of us have to process and filter the input.

Fortunately for us, the Ultimate Truth visited the earth for 33 years, and he’s the subject of these devotionals. The truth of God’s salvation has been settled in our hearts even though we’re trying to work it all out in our minds and lives. Continue learning about the Truth each day. Ask God to refresh this truth in your heart.

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