What’s It Like?

Then we your people, the sheep of your pasture, will praise you forever;
from generation to generation we will proclaim your praise. Psalm 79:13

From time to time on this site, I ask a question that will probably never be answered: what’s heaven going to be like all day every day?

It’s a simple question that will have as many different answers as there are people that get asked the question. We have glimpses and glimmers of what it wil be like. We have people who have died and come back to life and told us what it’s like (I don’t rely heavily on those stories but they do exist). We can read Scripture and the commentaries that talk about heaven, hell, judgement, streets of gold, no tears, crowns, thrones, praise, worship, angels, justice, and pearly gates, but very little about what the day to day life will be like.

We do know this, though, our Savior will be there. As Asaph said, “we will proclaim His praise.” What we’re surrounded with and how we go about it will be immaterial to the praise we have to offer.

So, what’s it like? I have no idea, but it will be infinitely better than what we’re experiencing here.

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