Wisdom in Toeing the Line

For the upright will live in the land, and the blameless will remain in it; Proverbs 2:21

Returning to yesterday’s theme of walking the straight line, it takes concentration to remain on the straight line, doesn’t it? But there is a secure hope in walking that line. And I’ll be honest with you, it can be tedious (but rarely boring) if we stay on that line. Others will try to persuade us to go with them a bit off the straight and narrow. What does that look like? A harmless drink with a friend at a bar. Being included in off-color jokes at the office. An extra long lunch with only your co-worker of the opposite sex.

There is wisdom in “toeing the line,” perhaps more than we realize. But we need to ask God to help us daily to do the right thing and to remain on the straight path.

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