Wise Men From Afar

..presented him with gifts of gold and of incense and of myrrh. Matthew 2:11

The Magi or wise men presented the Christ child with some wonderful gifts. They had traveled a great distance to offer them. They then went home a different route.

Fast forward to today. It’s the Sunday following Christmas. Presents have been opened. Large meals were eaten. Gifts that needed to be returned have been returned. You’re worn out from all the hustle and bustle. You’re ready to embark on a New Year.

Before we get to that New Year, though, I think it’s time to take stock in what transpired over these last few days. The gifts you gave, were they satisfying to the person you gave them to? What kind of satisfaction did you get in giving them? The question I am leading to is this: what did we give Jesus this Christmas? No, I realize that the baby is clearly no longer in the manger, but there are very creative ways we can give Him presents. Did we offer any gifts or buy special presents for Him? Did we sacrifice anything in His name?

Consider this a challenge for the New Year. There are men, women, and children around the world serving Him. Some are our fellow countrymen. Others are people we may never meet. So, here’s my challenge. Get out a globe or an atlas and choose a country you have never heard of. Find out everything you can about it. The internet is a wonderful way to do that. Find out about the missionaries there and commit to praying for them regularly.Pray for the Believers who are there. Pray for the church. Pray for that God will sovereignly move in that land. And pray that Jesus will be glorified.

So, by this time next year you will be an expert on that country and then watch what God will do.

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