With Favor

8 Hear my prayer, Lord God Almighty; listen to me, God of Jacob.
9 Look on our shield, O God; look with favor on your anointed one. Psalm 84:8-9

Isn’t this prayer what we all want – God to look with favor on us? We want to “see” that smile. We want to know that we’re doing well. We want “to get on His good side,” so to speak.

Think of this in the context of children. Many kids are parent-pleasers, especially when they are very young. They just want Mama and Pap to give them attention and dote on them excessively.

As Believers we are just the same. We crave His smile and favor. He gives it away freely but often we are so busy to notice.

Pray this prayer over your family members today. Help them to know that God sees and hears them.

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