2 Great is the Lord in Zion; he is exalted over all the nations.
3 Let them praise your great and awesome name—he is holy. Psalm 99:2-3

Have you ever been to Zion? Not the Zion in the Bible, but Zion Pennsylvania. I grew up very near there and many friends came out of Zion to school with me. There’s not much to do in Zion. It’s a nice town with pleasant, fun-loving people. How do I know that? All towns are like that. Sure, they have their good people and their rotten people. All towns do. But the people in Zion just want to earn a living, raise their families, and live in peace. They’re no different than thousands of communities across this country.

The Lord is certainly great in this little town of Zion. He’s great all over this land.

We have an awesome God who continues to do great and mighty things.

Praise Him for He is holy.

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